Why Do Clogs Seem to Happen More During Winter?

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Winter can be a magical time; more chances to see your family and the first chilly day prompting you to stay inside under a warm blanket. But, with all of that, why do clogged pipes seem to happen more frequently this time of year? We break down reasons why clogs seem to occur more during the winter:

Holiday Cooking

It’s standard practice to avoid putting oil down the drain when cooking, but it’s even more important during the winter months. Cooking substances like oil, grease, and lard, which cool at room temperature, can harden and coat your pipes, eventually leading to clogs. This process is more likely to occur with the assistance of colder weather. Cooler temperatures make these greasy substances solidify even faster, causing most of the oil you dump down the drain to coat your pipes and form blockages.


The beginning of the new year is always a game of playing catch up from holiday gatherings and celebrations. Plus, as winter continues, most of your gatherings will continue to be inside, giving you even more chances to play host. During these get-togethers, your home will see more use on your pipes, sinks, toilets, etc., increasing the possibility of a clog.

A great way to avoid clogs with more guests is to make sure your bathroom always has a wastebasket; this way, no unwanted items will make their way down your drain. Also, don’t forget to warn guests if your toilet can’t handle a lot of toilet paper all at once!

Warming Up

A satisfying way to warm yourself up on cold winter’s day is to treat yourself to a nice shower or bath. Increasing the number of baths or showers comes more chances for things to go down the drain—items such as hair, soap scum, etc.

An easy way to fix this problem is by investing in a drain guard. A drain guard will help prevent unwanted items from entering your home’s pipes. This will help lead to less buildup and eventual stubborn clogs. Drain guards are also super easy to clean up; just remove, empty over your trashcan, and replace them back to your drain.

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