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I Think My Thermostat is Broken, but How Can I Tell?

At Quality Plumbing & Mechanical, LLC, we know that one of the most essential pieces to the HVAC puzzle happens to be your thermostat. Four signs to check if your thermostat has gone bad are these, thermostat has no power, AC or heater won't turn on and the room temperature doesn't match what was set. But,whether it’s a standard model or a smart thermostat, these devices let you adjust how hot or cold you’d like your home to be. While this temperature-controlling accessory is usually the last item to break on your HVAC unit, it can fizzle out when you least expect it — and sometimes, you might not even know that it’s broken.

If you think your thermostat has seen better days, below we expound on the those 4 signs:

Examine the Power Source

Now, if you haven’t felt a difference in the temperature after adjusting your thermostat, then it’s possible that there’s something wrong with the power source itself. While most thermostats are hardwired to a house, some operate on a battery. If you notice that the display is unlit or unresponsive, it may need repair or just need batteries.

Thermostat Doesn't Match Room Temperature

For starters, the first sign of a non-functioning thermostat is that the device won’t adjust the temperature no matter how many times you fiddle with it. To see if this is the cause, you’ll want to either raise the temperature (or lower it) a few notches from your standard, daily temperature. If you notice that after approximately 20-30 minutes that the temperature hasn’t changed, then it’s possible that the device might need to be relocated in your home, since it could be sensing the wrong temperature (i.e., placed too close near a window or an external door).

Your A/C and Heater constantly Runs or Won't Turn Off 

If you notice that your heater or A/C won't turn off or is constantly running, this could be due to the fact taht the wiring is either frayed or that your thermostat has been miscalibrated. One way of troubleshooting is by trying to reset the thermostat to it's default setting. If you still are experiencing problems, contact us for professional help!

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