Does Heating Affect My Air Quality?

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With the cold winter weather approaching, your heating system is the one thing you cannot go without. However, did you know that both furnaces and other heating appliances can impact more than just your home's temperature? You guessed it; it affects your indoor air quality too!

Here's how heating can impact your indoor air quality this holiday season.

Dry Air

Your heating system works to circulate hot air in your home. Generally, the cold winter air is generally dry, and your heating system can worsen it. Ideally, you want to maintain a good air humidity level, typically between 35 and 50 percent!

The lower the humidity, the more you will feel the dryness in your nose and sinuses, increasing your chance of getting a cold or, in some cases, nosebleeds. A dehumidifier can help add moisture to your air and make it easier on your skin and body!

Dirt and Dust Buildup

Your heating system can cause many problems if not properly maintained. Dust and dirt buildup can cause your internal components to obstruct airflow and affect indoor air quality. The contaminants will then blow through your system as your furnace tries to circulate hot air. The particles exchanged contain allergens and unhealthy pollutants, which may cause your existing allergies to worsen.

Maintaining your furnace regularly and replacing your air filters will avoid many problems in the future and enhance your indoor air quality experience for you and your loved ones.

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